Ever wonder how they get pennies inside those little novelty glass bottles? Me neither, but I found a way to get the penny out without damaging or modifying the bottle in any way!

Before After

That is the exact same bottle in both pictures. There are no tricks or gimmicks, and those pictures are unmodified. In the first picture, the penny actually is in the bottle, and in the second, the penny actually is outside of the bottle. The bottle has not been damaged in any way, and the only hole in the bottle is the small corked one at the top.

So, here's how I pulled this off. First, some ferric chloride is placed in a watch glass.

Just enough water is added to the ferric chloride to dissolve it all. It forms a deep yellow-brown colored solution.

The solution is then added to the bottle.

The solution begins to react with the penny, and bubbling can be heard. After an hour or so, the bubbling will subside, and the solution will have a lighter color.

The solution is discarded, and the bottle is rinsed. It can be seen that a significant portion of the penny is reacted away.

The process of adding ferric chloride, allowing it to react and cleaning the bottle is repeated until nothing remains in the bottle.

So it's not so mind boggling after all! Oh, and I never said I wouldn't damage the penny, or that the same penny was in the photographs above. I said I would get it out, and that's what I did!