This method of opening the lock is so easy, you will not trust this lock after you try it yourself! It can easily be performed in under a minute.

To decode the lock, hold down the button that opens the lock while turning the wheels one by one. Starting out, at least one of the wheels will bind at a few points. When a wheel binds, this indicates a gate on the tumbler, be it the true gate that opens the lock, or a false gate. You should notice three points where the wheel binds. It turns out that the true gate is always between the two false gates, separated by two digits from the false gates. For example, if a wheel binds at 2, 5, and 8, in this case 5 is the number in the combination. A triplet of 9, 2, and 5 would indicate 2 is the correct number.

Once you have the correct number for one wheel, leave it at this number so it doesn't block the fence, allowing other wheels to bind and thus be decoded.